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Mobile deposit needs fixed

The app used to function flawlessly. Now, 99% of the time I cant use the mobile deposit function. It always says the pictures are unclear. I never had this problem until recently. Please fix this ASAP, going to the bank to make a deposit is such an inconvenience and Ive had to do it 5 times in the last week.

Online bill pay awful

Fine app but terrible bill pay functionality. Cannot view amounts due or payment history. Pretty standard features among bank apps. No point in paying any bills through the app except maybe fixed price bills. Needs update ASAP.

Your account is missing a key component

Cant log in...


Very difficult to set up.

Wishy washy app

This app often freezes just when I open it. Very annoying.

Used to be great

This used to be a wonderful app and the mobile deposit was the best feature. There are two major glitches now. First, there is always an error when trying to log on. You have to try to login at least twice. Also, since the most recent update, mobile deposit doesnt work right. It always says the image is unclear. Please fix!

Good for basic, but missing some things

Please add mobile push notifications similar to email alerts. Also it would be nice to have a lost card feature that would freeze the card without reporting it stolen yet.

Credit Card features non-existent

I cant check recent credit card activity, so whats the point of the app?

Thanks PNC

Yet the mobile deposit is down AGAIN

Well put together

Actually not a bad app. Mirrors most of the site functionality.

Mobile deposit doesnt work

Update ruined mobile deposit. Now this is useless.

Never works! Wish it worked! Great when it works

Always crashes, can never log in because of errors. When it does work it is great! Waste of space on phone since it rarely works.

Cannot view funds

I cant view how much money is in my account?

Used to be great

This app used to be better than most other banking apps but it has since been eclipsed by the competition. Even after resetting my password it says my password doesnt match. Also, all the other banking apps I use utilize Touch ID. Chase, Citi, and Capital One are all superior in my opinion.


I have to reload this app at least twice a week. Terrible.


Locked out option doesnt work.

Virtual Wallet

This app is awful. Most of the time I am unable to sign on. In fact, I havent been able to sign on for over a week now. The majority of the time the mobile deposit does not work correctly. This app is a waste of time.


How do you make a user ID on the app, I have a card but what is the user ID?

Great App

Really great app. User friendly layout and puts all the important features like the money bar where you can see them easily. Mobile deposit works flawlessly and makes life way easier. Overall great app.

Credit card

Over the last year I cant check my pnc credit card it always tell me "try again later" I can pay my credit card bill but not check activity or balance

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